3 Rounds: Carr Delivers Before Christmas

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3 Rounds is a weekly write-up to vent, give some actual analysis, and give credit to the knock out player who defended the star with their play.

How does it feel Cowboys Nation? It has been a long road to get back atop the NFC East and we have a long way to go to reach our goal but this win over the Colts was a major stepping point. Here are my three rounds from this Sunday.

Round One Cheap Shot: I understand my bias here but why did CBS not go into the Cowboys game until 6 minutes into the game? I understand the Texans/Ravens game hadn’t finished but it was all wrapped up anyway. Indy and Dallas was a marquee matchup (before hand anyway) all week leading up to the game and you stay on the Texans/Ravens game and miss the Cowboys opening drive? I now remember why I don’t like watching games on CBS. Decisions like the one I just mentioned and the most boring TV crew on television. Their radio programming more than makes up for it though. Shout out to 105.3 the Fan!

Round Two Jab: I remember years ago when Mike Holmgren took the Seahawks to the Superbowl and his motivation tactic. He used an analogy of a mountain and after each win he would visually represent the win on a bulletin board of some sorts. The whole team bought into it and gave the team a rallying point. It reminds me of Jason Garrett and the coaching job he’s done this year. #FinishTheFight has become a mantra for the fans and the organization these past few weeks and it shows on the field. The entire team has bought into Jason Garrett and are rallying around his motto of “FIGHT.” This is merely the beginning and  I look forward to his future success. There is not a more better person to deserve the success he’s having.

Round Three Knock Out Player: I could say the whole damn team but there are two players that come to mind. First, Tony Romo when given rest has no rival. He could have been throwing to a high school wideout with one hand and completely blind and he would have made completions. His accuracy and anticipation was at an all time high exactly when the cowboys needed it. We’ll need that same level going into the Playoffs. Also, Brandon Carr this week really is my knock out player. All of Cowboys nation has been critical of his play and so have I. Last night he played like the physical man corner we thought he was and challenged the receiver at the point of attack. I always felt he should set the tone on the edge and see what he could get away with and last night he did. He needed this game and I’m excited to see him continue the all our effort.

I have looked at the tape to see what could be improved upon. For right now all I want to do is bask in the glory of the NFC EAST CHAMPS.


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