Who We are


AUTUMN S. – Creative Director

Hailing from the Nation’s Capitol, she was born into a family of die-hard Cowboys fans.  To her D.C has always stood for Dallas Cowboys. With her relocation to Dallas she has realized her dream and has been given the opportunity to interact with the team that she loves. Respect the Star is just the beginning of what we can expect to see from AUTUMN during her journey alongside the Silver and Blue. She prides herself on being innovative, hard-working, proficient and an executive. The development of RTS is a priority to her and you can look forward to major things to come. EXCELLENCE ISN’T INCIDENTAL, IT’S ESSENTIAL!

IMG_4754      CARRIE R. – Sponsorship and Marketing Manager

       Also hailing from the Nation’s Capital, Carrie has had a successful career in the marketing and development field. As a former athlete she has always been interested in a role in the sports industry. Her articulate and commanding presence has given her the opportunity to work with companies such as Citibank, Samsung, Verizon, Macy’s, Lexus, Facebook, Victoria Secret,  Budweiser, Lexus, and many more. She prides herself on building valuable relationships with both sponsors and clients. Carrie looks forward to helping RTS meet its full potential. She has been an immense asset to the team and development stages of Respect The Star.

IMG_3906      BRIANA B. – Events and Promotions Coordinator

      A Cowboys fan true and true, homegrown in the heart of Texas, RTS is thrilled to have Briana as a vital part of the team. With her background in coordinating trade shows, training event staff, event set up, and role as team leader she brings planning and execution experience. Her expertise is responsible for a plethora of nationwide events hosted by Respect The Star. She is also the guiding force behind selection and management of RTS’s promotional team. Community relations is vital to her and Briana is focused on ensuring that RTS is an active and influential part of the community.


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