Tony Romo: Player of The Week

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“Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.” – Reed Markham  There is not a player in the NFL that I would rather have leading my team than Antonio Ramiro Romo. Romo is by far one of the most criticized players in the league, mainly due to the Star that graces his helmet, but anyone that truly understands football cannot deny his talent. Romo not only leads the Cowboys but he inspires them. When he is on the field the team is confident and calculating. We are at our best when he’s at his best.  Tony Romo loves this team. He constantly makes sacrifices for the Cowboys, even his health and body. The skeptics might question his capabilities but there’s not a soul that can deny his toughness. If it’s physically possible for Romo to be on the field, he’s going to play. It’s obvious that he wants to win, and that will to win is the driving force behind our success.

In our win over the Eagles, the real Tony Romo was present. He threw for 265 yards that led to three touchdown passes. That’s typical of how he’s been playing this season, particularly on the road, where he has a quarterback rating of 125.7.  If we’re down in the 4th with 2 minutes left in the game, Romo is who I’d want taking the snaps. Just look at the number of game winning drives that he’s produced. So continue to hate Tony Romo all you want… blame him for the lack of playoff wins in a TEAM sport… Claim that he’s not clutch when the numbers prove that he is… obsess over him more than you do your own QB… but you will Respect him. By the looks of it “Mr. November” might have morphed into “Mr. December” and I’m here for it. Time for you to get a ring Romo… you deserve it.

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